Divorce Rates Threaten Marriage More Than a DOMA Repeal

The Supreme Court deliberates on whether the Defense of Marriage Act holds constitutionally, the nation focuses on the constitutional implications of gay marriages. Yet even without the addition of same-gender marriage, the social institution of traditional marriage continues to change and evolve with culture and time. As a result of the dramatic culture shifts of the past few decades, America continues to face a devaluation of traditional marriage not at the hands of the gay and lesbian community, but rather because of a phenomenally high divorce rate.
The American divorce rate continues to be above 50%. First marriages experience a success rate of 40-50% and subsequent marriage success rates offer diminishing returns.
Marriage offers individuals a high happiness quotient and provides a strong backbone for America’s families. As a social institution, it continues to provide strong infrastructure for those who are able to commit to and maintain their vows. However, social mores change. Increases in premarital cohabitation and sex, as well as the cultural acceptance of divorce, contribute to a growing marriage crisis in this country.

Written by Sara Stringer. To read the full article, click here. For more information on family law attorneys, visit our website http://www.jwbrookslaw.com


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