Domestic violence is a global disease – but we are not powerless

Recently, I watched a policeman (and several onlookers) stand by as a man dragged a weeping, shoeless woman along the street by her hair. Central Beijing is generally very safe but not, it seems, if your assailant is your husband.

Repeated requests that a policeman help her were ignored; only after I tried to restrain the man myself, and another passerby assisted, did the officer take action. The couple were eventually driven away to the nearest police station. I have been unable to find out what happened to the woman, but it is highly likely they returned home together: victims usually drop charges. That’s not surprising since previous domestic abuse cases suggest that the police response to such cases is woefully inadequate. I’d be shocked if a British policeman simply stood by as his counterpart did in Beijing, but this is not about blaming the Chinese officer. Domestic violence is not a China problem, it is a global disease. And it is not just a matter for law enforcement, but for all of us.

Written by  Tania Branigan. To read the full article, click here. For more information on family law attorneys, visit our website


One thought on “Domestic violence is a global disease – but we are not powerless

  1. Definitely a global disease and we definitely do have the power to stop it. Social awareness on this critical issue is useful to help rid the world with this vicious cycle. Check out a free eBook I read for the DVAM. “I Trusted Him: The Story of Anna Lynn Hurd” is the title.

    I has some very important information on how to detect, seek help or get out of a violent relationship. It’s available for download at Check it out and so we can be empowered to help others before it ends tragically.

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