Local DJ staying awake for a week to raise awareness about child abuse

This is the seventh year of ‘Live for 175,’ a campaign by 103.5 KISS FM to raise awareness for child abuse. DJ Kekeluv kicked off the event Friday morning, and says he won’t sleep for one week.

People on bicycles have to pedal to keep the station on the air. They’re cycling to break the cycle of child abuse. After seven years of doing this, Kekeluv says it’s still a struggle to stay awake for days on end.

“My body clock has changed over the past couple years, where I do mornings now so I’m used to getting up in the morning and going to bed,” said Kekeluv. “I’m on a clock, so last night I wanted to go to bed and my body was trying to shut down on me, so I don’t know how you really prepare.”

He said it’s mostly mental but he gets through it with the help of listeners and volunteers.

“A lot of it’s just the drive of the people that are riding on the bike and the people that are calling the radio station,” said Kekeluv.

He’s also motivated by the cause — raising awareness about child abuse.

Written by Stephanie Zepellin.  To read the full article, click here.  For more information on family law and divorce matters in San Diego and/or Riverside county, please visit our website at www.jwbrookslaw.com, and follow us everywhere @jbwrookslaw.


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