McCann Investigations Now Offers Cutting-edge, Technology-based Background Research in Divorce Cases for San Antonio Clients

McCann Investigations, a Texas-based agency that offers a range of high-quality digital security and private investigations services, announced the detailed background investigation services that it employs during divorce case investigations.

McCann uses these investigations to uncover some crucial information about a target at the beginning of a case, which sets the framework for how the rest of the case will proceed. In many cases, the investigators’ findings during a background analysis paint a picture of a person that would surprise the client, revealing history of drug or alcohol abuse, child abuse, adultery and more. The presence of these factors and more greatly influences the outcome of divorce proceedings.

“We cannot understate the importance of a thorough background check if you are going through a contentious divorce,” said Daniel Weiss, Managing Partner at McCann Investigations. “Depending on the evidence that our investigators uncover, the client could obtain results that drastically impact the outcome of their divorce case and ensure a bright future for them and their children.”

Published on  To read the full article, click here.  For more information on family law and divorce matters in San Diego and/or Riverside county, please visit our website at, and follow us everywhere @jbwrookslaw.


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