We Know Single Moms Are Amazing And Now Science Knows It Too


Single moms are often faced with tough challenges specific to raising a child on one’s own — but a new study says that, despite the hurdles, single moms are just as happy as their married counterparts.

In the study — published in the Journal of Happiness — researchers conducted 35 intensive face-to-face interviews with single mothers in Poland to get an in-depth understanding of their happiness levels.

Why Poland? The researchers note that Poland “has the worst system of public childcare provision in the EU.” Not only that, “bearing a child out of wedlock is not socially accepted, and lone parenthood is not institutionally supported” — making Poland a good place to study moms who truly have to do it on their own.

In addition to the interviews, researchers used a decade’s worth of data collected from 7,633 mothers as part of Social Diagnosis, an ongoing social study in Poland. Within that sample, 6,594 of the mothers were married, 538 were never married and 501 were previously married (divorced or widowed).

After analyzing both sets of data, researchers discovered that single mothers were no less happy than their married counterparts, despite facing more difficult circumstances.

Written by Taryn Hillin.  To read the full article, click here.  For more information on family law and divorce matters in San Diego and/or Riverside county, please visit our website at www.jwbrookslaw.com, and follow us everywhere @jbwrookslaw.


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