Meet Jane Wesley Brooks, Southern California Family Law Counselor, Mediator, and Litigator

Family law disputes are never easy, yet one way to lessen the emotional and financial impact on your family is by hiring an experienced family law attorney. As a full-service family law firm, The Law Offices of Jane Wesley Brooks have extensively advocated for individual, parental and family rights and responsibilities in San Diego and Riverside counties.

Let Our Knowledge and Skill in Divorce Law Come to Your Aid When You Need it Most

Settlement When Possible, Trial When Necessary
Jane Wesley Brooks is knowledgeable in California laws relating to divorce, child support, child custody and visitation, property division and paternity. Though she is a seasoned trial attorney and very comfortable in the courtroom, the focus of her practice is on settlement, as extensive litigation is difficult on clients and their families. Resolution of family law issues can be complicated, and all parties benefit from settling their disputes in a private, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Personalized Approach
Jane Wesley Brooks takes a global approach to family law, knowing that the diverse challenges faced in family disputes are best served by a strategy personalized for each client. Her legal experience has shown that not every divorce or custody dispute is the same, nor is every client the same. So, in her office, not every solution is the same. Instead, she tailors her legal strategy to meet the needs of each client. Jane Wesley Brooks also limits the number of cases she handles at one time, so your case will be given the focus and attention it deserves.

Clear Communication
The Law Offices of Jane Wesley Brooks are committed to providing clear communication at every juncture on the path to resolution. Clients are immediately made aware of information requests, upcoming court deadlines and the status of their case.

Family Law Education
Jane Wesley Brooks helps educate her clients on the legal issues involved in their divorce or family dispute. It is her belief that clients who become familiar with laws relevant to their dispute are better positioned to understand how such laws affect may affect their case, and that level of awareness can result in more successful outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

Whether you need a family law mediator or a trial attorney, Jane Wesley Brooks can help you with a specially-tailored, comprehensive resolution to your case. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Divorce Law
  • Child Custody and Visitation
    – Child custody orders
    – Visitation schedules and orders
    – Parental relocation
  • Child Support
    – Child support enforcement
    – Child support modifications
  • Asset and Property Division
    – Characterization of separate Property
    – Characterization of community property
    – Valuation of property
  • Paternity
    – Establishing paternity
    – Contesting paternity
  • Mediation
    – Initial filing
    – Marital settlement agreements
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
    – Initial filing/response
    – Evidentiary hearing response

Schedule a Free Consultation with One of San Diego’s Leading Divorce and Custody Lawyers

Reasonable Legal Fees
We are committed to seeing your case through final judgment, whether through settlement or trial. Retainers are individual and based on the complexity of your case, and we will bill against your retainer as your case progresses. In some instances, our fees are paid upon settlement of your case. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Flexible Scheduling
We understand that you have family and work commitments. Whenever possible, our San Diego and Riverside offices will work with you to accommodate your schedule for office meetings or hearings.

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