Study: Religious Parents’ Divorce May Cause Children to Leave the Church

A new study has found that the children of religious couples are much more likely to leave the religion if their parents get divorced.

The study, published Tuesday in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, found that children who had two religious parents who get divorced are twice as likely to become estranged from their church as adultscompared to people whose parents didn’t get divorced.

“When both parents are religious, the effect of divorce has a negative effect on religiosity,” says Jeremy Uecker, a professor at Baylor University and lead author of the study. “They might think their parents’ marriage was ordained by God or something and that breakup can have more of an effect on their religiousness in adulthood.”

Previous studies have found a link between divorce and a child’s future beliefs, but Uecker says that the “effect has been overstated” because those previous studies did not take into account the parents’ religious beliefs.

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Divorce, debt, and credit

Divorce is the antithesis of the American dream. It’s sad when two people who promised “Till death do us part” go their separate ways, but this is the final result of about 50 percent of all new marriages in America today.

Unfortunately, marriage has become disposable for many people, like everything else in our society.

There are many reasons for divorce. A few are biblical but most are not. Whatever the case, when divorce is spoken of as an option in a relationship, it is often inevitable.

Divorce always causes destruction, because it tears a family apart.

Aside from the emotional trauma of the divorce, the stress of having to deal with debt that was accumulated during the marriage is probably one factor that makes divorce so devastating.

Biblical responsibilities
There are no biblical provisions for the division of debt responsibilities for divorced families.

Because God does not condone the splitting of a marriage, He gives no instructions on how to divide debt. When a couple marries they are “as one” in the eyes of God. As such, their debt is joint debt, not separate.

So, since the Bible is silent on how to handle debt after divorce, the responsibilities are left to the world to decide, which forces many hurt spouses to be thrown before the mercy of secular laws.

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