Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom, Fundamentally at Odds

In recent essays at Public Discourse, Mark Regnerus argued that same-sex marriage would harm marriage for everyone, and John Smoot argued that it would be bad for children in particular. Today I want to show the damage that redefining marriage does to religious freedom. At bottom, even the defense of religious liberty is a struggle over what is true and false about the meaning of marriage.

Should the truth about marriage—that it unites men and women so that children will have fathers and mothers—be defied by the laws of the land, we cannot expect the religious freedom of those who believe in that ancient truth to be respected under the new dominion of falsehood.

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Pro-Gay Marriage Republican Presidential Candidate Only A Matter Of Time, Top Consultants Say

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton’s announcement on Monday that she supported same-sex marriage was hardly earth-shattering. Who, after all, believed that the former Secretary of State, who publicly backed New York’s decision to legalize gay marriage, continued to draw the line on a federal level at civil unions?

But the statement — made in a video for the Human Rights Campaign — still signified the remarkable extent to which LGBT issues have become mainstream within the Democratic Party. As of now, it is difficult to envision the party nominating a presidential candidate in 2016 who doesn’t back same-sex marriage.

But what about the Republican side of the ledger?

Some of the party’s top strategists say it’s not unimaginable that, in a few cycles, Republicans too will nominate a candidate comfortable with the idea of marriage equality, or at least have a vice presidential candidate who’s a believer.

“Will we have a candidate who gets there? Yes. Will it be in 2016? No,” said John Weaver, who managed former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s 2012 bid.

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The Real Fights Over Gay Marriage are Just Starting

WASHINGTON (RNS) — The Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage, while historic, didn’t settle the issue. In fact, they fuel it.

For President Obama, the repercussions of Wednesday’s (June 26) ruling striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act will mean review and revisions in hundreds of federal laws. In everything from Social Security checks to Pentagon benefits, gay married couples now must be treated the same way as heterosexual couples.

For gay rights advocates, the twin decision that opens the door to resume same-sex marriages in California bolstered determination to expand the right to wed for gay men and lesbians. The Human Rights Campaign set a goal to achieve that in all 50 states within the next five years.

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